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Happy 2014!

Jan 2, 2014 | etc

And so a new year is upon us!

After the whirlwind that was December and the typical year end rush that is predominant in every organisation, even a church office. Truthfully, I haven’t even had time to reflect on 2013 much, let alone set some resolutions for 2014. However, I’m determined not to let this year slip by without intentionally making some lifestyle changes.

So here are a few things I intend to do. You can hit me if I don’t measure up to them (not too hard please!).

1) Have greater discipline.

I think I talk about this every single year. It’s quite obvious I’m not terrific at keeping up with routines. I need to make this a priority!

2) Read more and read intentionally

I’ve always enjoyed reading, but I don’t retain what I read quite frequently.

3) Think more, speak less

This is a no brainer. Sometimes, our mouths move way before our brains. It’s time to be less vocal and more thoughtful. Think of others.

4) Finish what I’ve planned well

More often than not, I notice I jettison plans halfway. My intentions are always good, but I need to see things through to the end. And feel satisfied that I have.

5) Eat healthy and get some exercise

This also has loads to do with discipline.

Five things on my list and that should be it for the moment. Rather, that’s all I will focus on. I can already imagine there’ll be heaps of sub-categories for each one of these. Hopefully, I’ll have time to break them down by the weekend and start a proper checklist… so I can check those things off!

Have a great 2014 everybody!

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