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Today marks the first year I left my old job as a primary school teacher to enter into church ministry. It was quite the leap and I have never looked back since.

Some of the things I’ve learnt during the course of this one year (not in order of priority, of course):

// Nobody’s perfect

Not even in the upper echelons of church society. Far from it. We are all learning and growing to be more like Christ. We need to give one another room to grow.

// Keep work at work

This was a difficult principle to apply when I worked as a teacher. On the contrary, it’s much easier to do this now. When I get home, I do other things I enjoy. Reading, educating myself through YouTube videos, wandering around the shops and suchlike. Or just relaxing with a cup of hot tea. Taking the time to unwind really helps me to meet each day with vigour.

Most nights are still busy with meetings though and I do plan for work the next day. But as they say, “love your job and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”.

// Enjoy the journey, even the potholes

I don’t regret teaching and I don’t regret moving on from it. Both have taught me many things. Wherever we are, we need to remember to have a teachable spirit and be willing to learn. We would never improve otherwise.

// Stay God-centred

This is the most important thing I’ve discovered. Because what you feel about what you’re doing will change as days progress. Situations may become challenging and you will inadvertently experience ups and downs. Stay grounded in God’s Word and revisit the time when He called you to be what you are doing right now. It helps you to stay focused on the task ahead and overcome any obstacle.

Met Brendon and Cathie Clancy last year. They do amazing things in kids ministry and worship.

Hosted Planetshakers while they were here last October. Amazing experience!

Fed our own corporate worship team almost singlehandedly.

And also our regional worship team. With some help from a pizza company (can’t remember which it was).