M.A.C. lip collection.


Oh Lordy. This is excess. But yes, I do love me some good lip products. They can add a little something extra to an otherwise plain ensemble. I thought I would share my collection with you and also, remind myself to stop buying lip products! No one needs this many.

MAC is a brand I discovered a while back. Throughout the years, I’ve amassed 11 lipsticks, 6 glosses and 1 lip liner. Some I use regularly and one or two that I do regret purchasing.

// Lipsticks

MAC lipsticks come in different formulas. Apart from the ones that I have (see caption above for the list), the common ones are Cremesheen and Frost which I’ve yet to venture into. Not a fan of frosty lips though! My favourite formulas in my collection are Lustre and Satin. Not a fan of Matte as they can be extremely drying, so you have to moisturise your lips well prior to application. Amplified is nice and creamy, but some of the colours are so in-your-face that I can’t bring myself to like them (Saint Germain, I’m looking at you).

I wear my 3 nudes very frequently, although I gravitate towards Viva Glam V the most. I’ve worn Rebel a ton especially in the “winter” months. I use the term “winter” very loosely since I live in sunny Singapore where winter doesn’t ever happen. But Christmas season is when I’d wear it most, along with Russian Red. I was a bit disappointed by Brick-O-La though as I could never really get used to how it looks on me. It’s wearable but I like something with a bit more pizazz. I’ll use it up but I won’t be repurchasing that one.

For brights, All Fired Up is another one I love for those times I want something shocking. It’s such a gorgeous, almost neon red. Both Reel Sexy and Giddy are peachy shades that lean towards orange, except the former is a lot brighter than the latter. See Sheer is my favourite wearable bright. It adds colour to your face and looks so pretty on. My major regret has got to be Saint Germain. It’s such a shocking cool pink and looks so stark on my light medium skin. I’ve yet to figure out how to wear it without looking like a clown! If anyone has any ideas, I’d be most grateful.

// Lip glosses & lip liners

Like their lipsticks, MAC lip glosses also come in different formulas. I have three varieties and frankly, I love all of them. They are a tad sticky though, so if you live in a windy location, I’d give these a skip. The first four belong to a limited edition collection that a friend gave me (thanks girl!) and the other two I purchased myself. All of these lipglosses have some kind of sparkle to them, but the dazzleglasses are the most striking. They contain chunks of microglitter in them. Boys Go Crazy has both electric blue and hot pink microglitter! It’s gorgeous! Demure, on the other hand, has light blue and green microglitter. The rest have a lovely sparkle. I can’t decide which I love best. They’re all favourites!

The last thing I purchased to go with All Fired Up was my Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Dynamo. Nothing much to say about that, except it matches the lipstick perfectly. They were part of a limited edition Retro Matte collection that came out recently. All Fired Up is in the permanent line though.

Okay, that’s it for my collection. It’s quite a lot if you ask me. But you know, I enjoy trying things out. I think I need to start a 5 out, 1 in rule.

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