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USS plateau. Boredom hits.

Jun 5, 2014 | places

How many times can you visit an attraction like Universal Studios Singapore in the span of 6 months?

Apparently 4 times before you’re bored out of your wits. The proof is the pitiful number of photos I took. A total of 10. And there were some duplicates.

The ambience is always rousing though, if you go during the off-peak season (weekdays when the kids are in school). Try to avoid it like the plague during the school holidays. Cos you won’t get on any rides without wasting a good chunk of your life in a queue.

If you enjoy photography and have a bunch of very willing subjects (i.e. friends), you can always have a ton of creative fun out of the queue with a camera. I was with my mother, who is fun, but not so much a willing subject.

Or you can browse at the merchandise shops littered throughout the park. There are quite a few stands too.

But of course, the best thing to do is to chill at a quiet coffee shop with a magazine.


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