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Digital decluttering vol. 1.

Jul 22, 2014 | lifestyle

After the swift decluttering of my wallet (see pic from my previous post), which in truth, took no effort at all since I do have a larger wallet for those days when I absolutely need all my cards, I proceeded to another item I use frequently.

The Macbook Pro.

I don’t know about you, but I have come to depend on my laptop for 80% of my productivity needs. The only issue is, it is also the reason I get distracted 60% of the time (the other 40% belongs to my iPhone 5, but I’ll elaborate in another post). The more I use my laptop, the more I feel the urge to download more apps to do specific things.

Built in calendar not good enough? Download something else! Chess too boring? Why not download another? Or even 10 more for variety? The need for more has crept into our digital lives!

So, in keeping with the concept of less is more and settling with what you need, I decided to give my laptop a minimalist makeover. Here’s what happened.

  1. Put the files on my desktop in their proper folders. The desktop gets cluttered up like no other.
  2. Remove unwanted Menubar items. The only ones I have left are Battery, Wifi, Spotlight and Notifications. Which, for me, are all necessary.
  3. Clean up the dock. I removed all apps except for the ones I use most frequently. Everything else can be assessed through Launchpad via gestures. I also use autohide.
  4. Delete apps. This includes the apps that I don’t or shouldn’t use (e.g. games) and apps to access something on the web (e.g. Gmail, Dropbox, Twitter). I deleted apps that have the same function so I don’t have duplicates (there are exceptions e.g. Pages & MS Word).
  5. Change the desktop image into something simple. You can get my wallpaper here.
  6. Organised my files.

It has been such a pleasure to use my laptop for the past few days. Although I find myself itching to distract myself from being productive, having the bare bones on the laptop really helps. The next thing: cut the internet at home.

But that’ll take a lot of courage.

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