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Downsize stuff and upsize life.

Jul 19, 2014 | lifestyle

So I started thinking very recently about all the clutter that I (shockingly) possess. The amount of stuff I have is so ridiculous, that I wonder how I got here in the first place. A simple analysis tells me that I just simply got caught up in consumerism and acquiring material things.

The truth is though, that material things don’t make you happy. In fact, they stop you from being free.

Which leads me to the next thing – minimalism.

I’ve been reading about decluttering and the drastic approach of minimalism seems to be only way to proceed. Use it up, throw it out, donate it or give it away. Of course, I’ve attached sentimental value to some things and I might still think that some items will be good to keep “just in case” I need them. But I know what’s more important – letting go of everything that weighs me down so that I can truly live.

So I’ll chronicle the bits of my journey here for the sake of transparency and accountability. I’m excited about this!

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