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This evening, I had the opportunity to head out with my Ricoh GR (yes, you heard that right) on an errand to the market nearby. In stealth mode.

Since it was my first attempt walking about shooting street photography, I decided to configure the GR to appear as though it was off while I was shooting. This meant turning the LCD off, the light on the power switch off and no shutter sound. There was another light that flashed momentarily after I took a shot, which meant that information was being written to the memory card, but that was it.

I used T/Av mode, set the aperture to F4.0 and shutter speed to 1/50. In this mode, the GR chooses the ISO for you. I turned the effects filter on, but promptly forgot that since I was shooting in RAW, all the photos turned out in colour. Haha. Amateur mistake much?

I learned a number of things today.

1 // Stand still and shoot

If you move and your subject moves, the photo is likely going to be very blurry. At least for night shots since your shutter speed can’t be fast enough. Most of my shots were ruined by way too much motion blur.

2 // Be bold

Just shoot. Look into the LCD and frame your shot properly. My extreme stealth mode did not allow me to do this. Pluck up some courage! (Working on this one!)

3 // Take many photos of a single scene

I snapped as I walked so I clearly didn’t do this. I’m thankful I managed to get a decent shot or two.