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Unwinding in the big city.

Aug 7, 2014 | places

I think it’s brilliant that despite the urban jungle I live in, there are many places you can go to in order to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Gardens by the Bay is one such location. It’s so tranquil to be surrounded by nature.

Perhaps too tranquil. I’d do the same though, if I had the luxury of time. However, my recent trip was work-related, which meant we did a quick 1.5 hour tour around the place. The last time I was here, I spent a full day enjoying what it had to offer.

I love the Gardens. It’s a paradise for photographers like me. And judging by the number of people on a week day, lots of tourists and locals love it too.

However, if you don’t appreciate pottering around nature, you might find yourself a little bored. But at least if you’re bored in the conservatories, you’ll still keep your cool.

Even though I’ve been to both conservatories a number of times, I’ll never get tired of the view. If you’re afraid of heights though, the Cloud Forest walk might be a little too much for you.

I’m not the best with heights, but I do like to challenge my fears head on.

I brought the GR along, obviously and had a great time with it. It’s awesome for close ups and macro shots. Needless to say, wide angle shots are fantastic as well. Can you tell I LOVE THIS THING??? The most pleased I’ve ever been with any camera I’ve purchased and that’s saying a lot since I’ve gone through a few in my day. Definitely a keeper!

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