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KL-Siam Road Trip Day 11 // Minimalist packing for an 11 day trip.

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Our flight back home was scheduled for 11.55am so Day 11 wasn’t terribly interesting. Since I did nothing but travel, I thought I would share the contents of my backpack with you. Some of the items I brought, such as cable and undergarments are not included in the photo above.

Here’s a breakdown of what I brought with me, bearing in mind that I went with the intention of traveling on land, so flight fluid restrictions don’t apply.

// Pictured

  1. Herschel Supply 15″ Settlement Plus Backpack
  2. Clothes – 3 T-shirts, 1 flannel shirt, pants for sleeping in, rain coat, sleeping socks
  3. Quick dry towel
  4. Toiletries – toothbrush & toothpaste, fragrance mist, face mist, Wilderness Wash multi-purpose soap, nail clippers, Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, Kiehl’s face wash, deodorant, face mask, make up cleansing wipes, contact lenses (15 pairs)
  5. Gadgets – in-ear monitors, hard disk drive, Kindle Paperwhite, battery charger, MacBook Pro 13″ (Retina)
  6. Muji foldable blanket
  7. Notebook & pen

// Not pictured

  1. Porter Small Sling Bag – passport, various currencies, Ricoh GR Camera & extra battery, iPhone 5
  2. Cables for all my gadgets
  3. Undergarments – 3 sets
  4. What I wore – long-sleeved top of medium thickness, jeans, 1 set of undergarments (duh), flip flops
  5. Makeup bag – see this post

Truthfully, I didn’t even use all of the items I brought. Things I didn’t use often would be a few makeup items and the face mask. I didn’t regret bringing them and would probably bring them along in the future as well, just in case. I don’t like to be without certain options when I travel as it reduces my tendency to purchase things I don’t need.

The clothing items I brought were just right. Enough to last me a few days without a wash, but when I needed to, I could do a load of laundry. I didn’t use the rain coat though. Despite this, I think it’s useful to bring one along as a safety precaution.

Due to the flight back, I had to toss my face mist as it was more than 100ml, but I’d used most of it, so it wasn’t something I couldn’t part with.

The blanket and socks came in very handy in the cold trains, as was the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream – it works wonders as a moisturiser and healing balm. I don’t regret a single gadget I brought either. They kept me occupied in the evenings and helped me practically (bookings, checking up on places to visit, etc).

Could I pare it down further than this?

I doubt so. But I’d bring the same types items for a 20 day trip as well if laundry services are readily accessible with one or two clothing additions. Who cares if you wear the same thing every few days? However, I do think it’s important to pack for the climate you’re traveling to if you want to keep things really minimal. That’ll stop you from overpacking. And don’t forget you can layer items!

It’s my first time truly backpacking/flashpacking in this manner, so I don’t have many comparisons to make based on my experiences. One thing is certain, this trip will definitely not be my last!


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