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KL-SIAM Road Trip Day 4 & 5 // Butterworth to Bangkok via train.

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The morning we woke up in Penang, we knew we wanted a good local breakfast that would prepare us for the journey ahead. The last time we were here, we managed to find a local market that sold produce for the residents living around here. And naturally, with any local market, there are a plethora of options for breakfast.

We chose a coffee shop at the corner of a street junction that was surrounded by smaller stalls. The menu? Chee chong fun, prawn noodles, coffee and milo.

This is the prawn noodles stall. It is excellent.

My mother, with her high standards, approves (and so do the people behind her, slurping away).

We wandered around the market for a little bit, to see what they had to offer, and stumbled upon a stall that sold shells and horseshoe crabs. Who eats these? (I guess somebody would.) But how would you cook them???

We had some time after breakfast to cool off in our room at Chulia Heritage before leaving for the train. Our only regret was that we didn’t bother to eat/buy lunch in case we missed the train! So we had to wait until dinner time to get some grub. Train grub. Which was expensive for what it was and not tasty at all. Bleh. Buy your own food if you choose to hop on this train! (It also means you’ll have to set up your own dinner table but that’s easy.)

It’s a very comfortable ride with plenty of leg room and excellent air-conditioning. The train departs at 2.00pm from Butterworth Station and will take a few hours to reach Padang Besar Station, which is where the immigration customs is. You’ll need to exit the train with your passport (belongings can stay in the train) and go through the exit at the Malaysian side and entry on the Thai side. We were caught a little off guard as we weren’t preempted that it was the customs station. They serve dinner while you’re there – the train is stationary for approximately an hour or two. Once again, not a great dinner which you have to pay for separately. NOT WORTH IT.

Since it’s an overnight sleeper car, two people sit opposite each other and at night, one uses the upper bunk and the other uses the lower. The lower bunk is more expensive since it’s much wider. The upper bunk is comfortable as well, but a touch narrower. I ended up on the upper bunk this time (just to prove I was agile enough haha) and it was awesome! The train lurching and rocking is more pronounced on the upper bunk, so if you’re prone to motion sickness, go for the lower bunk. I had some trouble sleeping initially because of that, but after I fell asleep it was just pure bliss. They prepare the bunks very early at approximately 8pm – 9pm.

The plains of Thailand are very beautiful in the morning. We didn’t have a clean window so I tried to take the best shots I could given the circumstances. This one really struck me. It’s a beautiful country – I can see why foreigners love it so much. There’s just something exotic about this place. As a fellow Asian, I couldn’t (maybe even wouldn’t) appreciate it before, but just like I was with Malaysia, this trip has opened my eyes to the beauty that exists nearby. You don’t have to tour Europe to have truly travelled.

We had some train breakfast and upon arrival, headed straight to our accommodation, Siamaze Hostel located near Sutthisan MRT. That’s a review for another day though.

We attempted walking around the night market nearby without a map (gung-ho me), but ended up getting lost. So we hailed a tuktuk back for 50Baht. What a major fail.


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