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KL-SIAM Road Trip Day 7 // Getting around by train in Bangkok.

Sep 16, 2014 | places

I didn’t think you would be interested in details of another day’s worth of shopping at Chatuchak, which was what we did the entire morning and in the afternoon at MBK Mall in Siam. Many people go to Bangkok to shop, frankly, so it’s nothing new. Its transport system, however, specifically the network of trains, is something worth talking about.

Bangkok has a few train systems running through it.

  1. The Airport Rail Link, which services a few stations from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the city centre.
  2. The Bangkok Metro (MRT), a single line which travels from Hua Lamphong (where the international train station is) to Bang Sue.
  3. The BTS Sky Train, a network of lines that connect with one another and the MRT.
  4. The International Railway, which runs to different parts of Thailand from Malaysia.

To get around Bangkok in general, I would advise hopping on the MRT or BTS. Their train stations are not directly linked, although they are in the vicinity, and usually takes about 5 minutes to get from one line to the other. We stayed at Siamaze Hostel in Sutthisan, which is on the MRT line. In order to travel to different places, we took both the MRT and BTS. It was very convenient. The only thing they can potentially improve on is to use a single card for both train systems. At the moment, MRT has their own stored value card and so does BTS.

Both systems have single trip options. For MRT, they use tokens that look like plastic coins and for BTS, they use what we used to in Singapore – the cards with a hole in the corner which you feed into the gantry.

Prices are cheap and range from 15Baht to perhaps 50Baht (not too sure about this since I didn’t take any long train rides to the outskirts of town).

I also love the fact that pedestrians have their own walkway above the chaotic Bangkok traffic (and it is crazy), so you can navigate to the neighbouring station without any delay.

I’m pretty impressed with the train system in Bangkok actually. I thought KL was excellent, but Bangkok knocked my socks off. And I have yet to try the buses. I did hop on the Chao Phraya, but that is a post for another time.


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