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Aflame for truth.

Oct 14, 2014 | etc

It is quite ironic that I’m choosing to title this post with my secondary school motto, “Aflame For Truth” (heya, KCPSS). After this weekend of Fire Conference 2014 and our Combined Sunday Celebration at Singapore Expo Max Pavilion, I am ablaze!

Let me share a few thoughts.

If you want something bad enough, you’ll run for it. Much like the people who lined up before the doors opened and once they did, ran to get choice seats at the Fire Conference. You’d do anything to pursue it.

The question though, is who or what are we pursuing? And are we consistent with that pursuit? I find myself easily distracted at times by circumstances or things that come my way.

Many of us are content just going with the flow, or just standing around, watching as the world goes by. Unless we step out, we’ll never be able to go beyond the safe cocoon that we’ve created for ourselves. While is isn’t easy getting over the inertia which results from years of being laid back, it isn’t that difficult either. You just have to step out.

And trust in the One who called you out.

My thoughts are going a mile a minute with newfound revelation and a sense of excitement about what is to come.

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