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Off the beaten track.

Oct 21, 2014 | places

I’m very certain that many Singaporeans like myself think that the grass is greener on the other side of the ocean. We can’t relax unless we satisfy the minimum requirement of relaxation – a vacation overseas.

I blame this on constant connectivity and the fact that we are living in a workaholic society. I find myself forcibly ignoring work messages on my off days in order to have an honest reprieve.

After my KL-Siam Road Trip (see the plethora of posts prior: you can start here), I’ve learnt to appreciate the rustic aspects of Asia. And Singapore, like any other country in Asia, has it’s quaint little nooks and crannies. Places I have yet to explore, partly because I am a homebody in general.

One such place is Jalan Besar. I don’t think that Jalan Besar is a place you’d visit unless you have some official business there. It’s unlikely that you’d explore the district just for the sake of it. Unless you are the exploratory sort of course.

Well, this evening, I had some important business to attend to in the area and some friends brought me to a famous Scissor-Cut Curry Rice stall. While I don’t know how the scissors plays a part in this cuisine, except I know they do cut something with it (cabbage?), the food was pretty good and very comforting indeed. And swimming in curry (not spicy at all).

As we drove through the little streets, it reminded me of the good old days. Jalan Besar was where I used to go every Sunday for church services as a kid and driving by brought back the memories of those days. It’s changed a lot since then. Perhaps I should pencil in some time for a longer walk!

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