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The invitation.


There is just something about the piano pieces played by Klaus Kuehn. I can’t explain it adequately in words. When he plays, the atmosphere changes. You know it when you breathe it in. As a fellow pianist, that’s something I yearn for – to have such impact with my music.

I listen to this in the background during my devotions and it just helps me focus on reading God’s Word. People say music ages… you can date a tune by listening to it. This, however, is timeless.

Making hummus for the first time.

I've always liked the idea of healthy snacking but have never quite gotten round to exploring making them at home. Since I'm currently exploring vegan options for regular meals, I thought I would give hummus a try. The recipe I followed was...

Avocado toast.

I never used to like the taste of avocados. They were always too earthy and creamy for my liking, which was odd for a fruit (or is it a vegetable?). Then again, I used to really dislike sashimi, but now I eat all kinds of sashimi. Clearly, some...

I’m back. Sort of.

Hi friends. It has been a couple of months and here we are in March 2017! OH WOW. Over the past few months, I've been busy with work and also haven't been incredibly inspired nor motivated to update this space. While I won't say that I'll be...

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