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The invitation.

Oct 8, 2014 | etc

There is just something about the piano pieces played by Klaus Kuehn. I can’t explain it adequately in words. When he plays, the atmosphere changes. You know it when you breathe it in. As a fellow pianist, that’s something I yearn for – to have such impact with my music.

I listen to this in the background during my devotions and it just helps me focus on reading God’s Word. People say music ages… you can date a tune by listening to it. This, however, is timeless.

Adapting to foreign cultures during travel.

Every time I visit a different country (not as often as this phrase would have you believe), I love to experience what its local culture has to offer. Beyond the touristy facade, there lies a grittiness or a less-than-romantic perspective to each country that isn't...

A girl can dream – my travel wishlist for 2018.

  Now that 2018 has begun, it's time to think about the different places I could potentially explore within the next 12 months. Mind you, it is a wishlist and it would be nigh impossible to visit all these places given the budget and leave constraints. But dreaming is...

I’m back. Sort of.

Hi friends. It has been a couple of months and here we are in March 2017! OH WOW. Over the past few months, I've been busy with work and also haven't been incredibly inspired nor motivated to update this space. While I won't say that I'll be...