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Salute – hipster coffeeshop in Alexandra.

Nov 7, 2014 | places

I must thank the Hipster of All Hipsters for introducing me to this place in the Alexandra area. You’d never expect a coffee shop like this to exist. I certainly didn’t.

Salute (is it pronounced “saloo”?), located at Blk 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1, is an upmarket coffee shop that sells predominantly western food. You’d recognise it from a mile away by the blue checkered table cloths. Everything else, is neighbourhood coffee shop style with a twist. Even the pi jiu mei (“beer girls” – young girls that sell beer) are restyled to look like milk maids. They even have their own maitre d’, a very firm Indian uncle with piercing eyes – don’t even think of trying to chope a seat without waiting ok!

There were three stalls we tried between the two of us. Yes, the two of us. Somebody was very ambitious. And good reason too! Check out the food!

Pork knuckle from Stew Kuche (Stew Kitchen, basically). This was half a knuckle and it was glorious. I don’t like pork in general, but this was just excellent. I’m not a food connoisseur, so I don’t have anything terribly descriptive for you. All I can say is that it was tasty and very succulent. Flavourful.

Cheesy Fish and Chips from Seasalt. Lightly battered, the fish was extremely moist. Thoroughly enjoyed the sides more than the fish. Since the latter soaked up a fair amount of oil, I got fairly jelak (sick of it) after a while – and I only had half of it. It’s like the feeling you get after eating something too creamy. Unless you actually like cream of course.

Chicken Cutlet from Two Wings. I think this was honestly nothing to shout about. The batter was quite plain and relied on the condiments to provide flavour. Definitely the least favourite of all the dishes I tried. My favourite? The pork knuckle hands down (surprise surprise). No wonder it’s so popular.

From what I’ve heard, Salute is pretty busy especially on the weekends, so you would do yourself a great favour by calling to make a reservation. Or else arrive ridiculously early so you can beat the dinner crowd. Don’t worry though, they do have seats for those who are waiting for a table.

Dining there quite a novel experience. Certainly the first of its kind. To be honest though, it’s not likely that I would visit again even if I’m in the vicinity (which is very very rare). But if you’re into the novelty of it all, it’s a pretty good place to chill with friends over dinner.

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