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Top5 iPhone apps.


It’s not something I’m terribly proud of, but I have, admittedly, been through a whole bunch of iPhone apps. I’ve tried loads, from productivity to games… you name it. As much as I love trying out new apps (a result of a short attention span, no doubt), there are some that I will never forsake. Excluding messaging apps (e.g. WhatsApp), here’s my top 5!

// VSCOcam (Photography)
I love photography and VSCOcam has got to be one of the best there is out there. I use it primarily for Instagram photos. I enjoy it so much that I even use VSCO Film filters on my blog photos. They’re that good. The app has recently upgraded to version 4.0 which boasts a streamlined interface – very nice indeed. It appeals to the minimalist in me.

// Instagram (Photography, Social)
Ok, I think I follow more cats than human beings on here, but Instagram is one social media platform that I’ll never get tired of. There are loads of people who post great photos. I get lots of inspiration here, whether it’s photography, design or decor. And of course, who can resist the plethora of cat photos that clog up my stream?

// Mail (Productivity)
Although I’m not a fan of always checking your email, there are times when you just have to do that on the go. With the changes made on iOS8, Mail serves me quite well out of the box. I used to use other apps (I do still have Mailbox), but have since defaulted back to the one that comes out of the box for my “official” email addresses.

// Bible by YouVersion
There is nothing like a little on-the-go encouragement or the ability to search through the Bible at your fingertips. I enjoy it also because of the reading plans that you can subscribe to. It’s a brilliant little thing. Except I flip the pages of a physical Bible much faster than I can tap the navigation on the app. Perhaps my phone is a bit slow?

// Bloglovin’ (Blog Aggregator)
I’ve heard some stories about Bloglovin’ gaining access to your content for its own purposes. I’m okay with that since I use it all the time as a blog aggregator to read posts. I use this a lot on my commute to see what’s new in tech, beauty, photography, etc. I would rather read blogs nowadays than play Minion Rush (which says a lot).

Honourable Mention: Pinterest (for those decor ideas)

What are your favourite apps?


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