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Haji Lane.

May 1, 2015 | places

It’s been a while since I unleashed myself into the wilderness of Singapore for the sole purpose of photography. I ended up in Hipster Paradise (also tourist paradise), Haji Lane.

This neighbourhood is all about the cafes and quaint little boutiques. Unfortunately though, on this particular occasion, I did not have a cuppa nor did I purchase anything. I did nose around a shop or two though.

The crowd this afternoon seemed fairly tame for a public holiday. Not that I would know what the usual would be like on weekends. It’s only the second time I’ve been there.

Exploring the city really reminded me how much I miss taking street photos. And how much I’ve been under-utilising the GR.

I digress for a moment… I was almost tempted to sell it off for a Canon G7x – I wanted the better video capabilities on the Canon. But after comparing image quality and taking into consideration my tendencies towards stills instead of moving images, I gave up. If I do get the G7x, it would most certainly be an addition. There is no way I can justify getting rid of the beauty that is the GR.

One can only hope that a firmware update introduces better video quality. Considering the APS-C sensor and the lens… I don’t think hardware is a limitation, honestly.

I need to do stuff like this more often. Too little time spent relaxing. Too neck deep in work.

It wasn’t just about the photos though. I had a good think about a few things and listened to two of Steven Furtick’s podcasts from Elevation Church. Awesome sermons and much to think about.

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