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A little bit of the Orient(e).

Aug 12, 2016 | places

I visited Oriente this week quite unintentionally actually. I had originally planned on strolling through the usual shopping districts in Lisbon (Baixa Chiado, Rossio, Colombo), but alas I didn’t feel terribly well while I was on the train. I was on the verge of ditching the entire trip and heading straight back home, but thankfully, it dawned on me that I could alight at Oriente instead. It was nearer home by one stop (not much) and if I was feeling crappy still, I could head back pretty much right away.

Well I didn’t regret the decision.

Truth be told, the shopping mall is somewhat similar though not as large as Colombo. There were international brands and a number of quaint shops. However, the main attraction for me was none of these. Just past the mall was essentially the sea and despite the scorching weather (and also feeling a little under the weather), I brought my cameras out and snapped a few shots.

It was really quite tranquil. Loads of people walking around despite the heat. There were a fair number of tourists as it’s en route to the airport on the metro and you could tell by some of the locals who were touting their handmade wares by the benches.

But the most fascinating thing for me were the cable cars! I contemplated taking a ride but decided I would do so when I felt better and had more time. I also had no idea where it began and where it ended. Plus, it’s not fun to take a cable car ride alone. It’s so terribly boring without any form of entertainment (and I’m very used to having almost constant entertainment by now).

I really do miss the open sea and splashing around at the beach. Looks like that’ll have to be my next stop before summer comes to an end!

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