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Day trip essentials.

Aug 19, 2016 | travel

Packing for a day trip is never easy. Especially when you intend to do multiple things at the same time. Trying to keep things light for me is extremely important for ease of movement. I don’t like to have things weighing me down while I traipse around town.

Truth be told, after taking the above photo, I decided not to bring the mini-tripod and swapped out the mirror and lip gloss for a simple clear lip balm instead. No space in my bag, clearly.

I bring two cameras out each time – one for vlogging (Canon G7x Mark II) and another for photos (Fujifilm X70, only lens cap pictured as I used it to take the photo of my stuff). Why don’t I just consolidate my tasks into one camera? Not possible. Both have their niches. The Fuji for photos and the Canon for video. Alas, that is how it is. I’m not wanting to bite the micro four-thirds bullet so I can have the best of both worlds at the moment as I’m saving up for a Fujifilm XT2. Haha. Droolz.

Naturally, I also had to bring extra juice for all my gadgets – phone and the two cameras. I ended up using only the battery pack for my phone. But it is still better to be safe than sorry!

Honestly, for my trip to Coimbra, I totally regretted not bringing a backpack instead. I ended up climbing up the clock tower with a paper bag in tow as we visited the mall first (and naturally, I had to buy something).

Will I pack like this again? Absolutely. Just not use this bag on days when I need to go shopping. Haha.

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