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Official business in Leiria.

Aug 26, 2016 | places

I only ever go to Leiria for official business. So far I’ve been there once and yesterday, a second time. It’s a pretty but fairly quiet town and there is nothing much to see if you are interested in quaint shops and eateries. Or major shopping for that matter. You’re far better off going to Coimbra or Lisbon for that.

The bus to Leiria is the same one for Fatima and Coimbra, so I had to wake up extremely early in order not to miss my 7am ride. Originally, I had thought of vlogging the trip, but since it involved a ridiculous amount of time waiting in the offices and aimless roaming around, I decided not to. Plus, we had a fairly busy day. So instead, I took a few photos when I had the opportunity.

To be honest, I doubt I’ll be back any time soon for any official business. But perhaps I might want to roam around to explore the town in its entirety on my day off and see the parts of the town that I haven’t seen before. It’s still nonetheless fairly enjoyable taking in somewhere new.

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