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Trains, trains and more trains.

Aug 5, 2016 | places

I love trains. I love taking them and geeking out over them. Although I’m no expert, I can appreciate the effort that goes into them, especially when there is some history attached to it.

Once again, I visited another town on a working trip and took the opportunity to take some photos. Entroncamento is a town that was built around a train depot and is fairly new by Portuguese town standards. The best thing I saw were the steam trains and that awesome turntable. Mindblowing indeed.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Viseu, so difficult to get to.

I happened to visit Viseu some time back for the purpose of running an errand. Little did I know that my journey that began at 7am in the morning would finally end at 11.30am in the afternoon. Oh. My. Word. Viseu is smack in the middle of the northern half of Portugal...

My love affair with Japan, almost 6 years on.

    I was browsing through my catalog of photographs and stumbled upon my old photos from Japan. I'd taken two trips there in total. Once in December 2011 and another in March 2012, only a few months later. Visiting (and perhaps even living!) in Japan had been one of...

LXFactory and true friends.

There are times when you go through difficult situations in life and nobody quite understands. While there are people who have gone through the same thing that you have, you are unique and your perspective is different. So it was with me the past few months. I was...