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LXFactory and true friends.

Oct 25, 2017 | places

There are times when you go through difficult situations in life and nobody quite understands. While there are people who have gone through the same thing that you have, you are unique and your perspective is different. So it was with me the past few months. I was stressed, borderline depressed and extremely negative.

Thank God for friends who keep you on the right track and are not afraid to confront or say things like it is. They don’t want you to stay the same, but instead hope that you strive to be a better person than you already are.

These friends of mine back home in Singapore are what I like to call “borderline hipster”. I don’t necessarily think that they fit into this category entirely, but they love taking photos and are quite active on Instagram in an arty, profound sort of way.

So when I visited this place in Lisbon, I was reminded of them instantly.

LXFactory is not a new concept. In Singapore we have Tiong Bahru and Haji Lane. Here in Portugal, well, we have this. To be honest, I don’t live in Lisbon nor anywhere near enough to know its neighbourhoods like the back of my hand. So far this is the only place I’ve heard of and that’s thanks to a vlog on YouTube with Estée and Aslan. So you can imagine how much I’ve been living under a rock.

LXF in Alcântara, is the midpoint (somewhat) between Rossio and Belém, both touristy locations that most visitors would not miss. We took a bus from Belém that alighted us fairly nearby. It’s a bit of a distance to walk but if you’re adventurous and ready for some trekking, you could just as well hotfoot it over.

Basically, the entire compound that is LXF was once a manufacturing plant for textiles. It was converted into a collection of quaint shops and eateries. If you like all things hipster, then it’s worth a look. To be honest, I didn’t peruse each shop and cafe due to lack of time. I also certainly did not take enough photos to satisfy my inner Instagrammer. However, it is still worth a mention and definitely a place I will visit again.

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