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Digital decluttering. Organising the mess. Again.

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My Macbook had been hovering between 50GB and 28GB free space remaining for the longest time out of 512GB. And also for the longest time, I’d been putting off organising the black hole that is my documents and downloads.

But I realised it was slowing my entire system down and I just needed to get it done. I looked up some resources online and came across this article by which gave me some guidance as to what I should be doing to turn my mess into something more organised.

Of course, I didn’t follow every single suggestion since it was going to take way too much time. I figured that if I archived what I didn’t need, in 5 years, I would be able to delete pretty much everything in one fell swoop. Hahaha. I am still lazy afterall.

So here’s my process.

  1. Archive work documents that I didn’t need immediate access to. Keep and organise only what is strictly current and useful.
  2. Archive mobile phone photos and videos.
  3. Move Lightroom Catalog to an external HDD. This was a huge game changer and freed up at least 200GB of space (!!).
  4. Delete unwanted files in Downloads folder.

Obviously, none of these steps involved digging deep into my archives and sorting out what I wanted and what I didn’t (esp the gazillion photos). I know it’s a little like sweeping the dust under the carpet, but whatevs. It’s all I can manage at the moment and my Macbook is definitely much happier than it was previously (and so am I).

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