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Cluttered space, cluttered mind – the minimalist workspace.

Jan 9, 2018 | lifestyle

I used to have a mug that said “creative minds are rarely tidy”. Every time Dad or Mum nagged at me to tidy up, I’d brandish that mug with a flourish like it’s a legitimate excuse to be messy.

It isn’t.

Mind you, I’ve been messy all my life. This is likely due to extreme laziness and not wanting to return things back to where they belong. I’ve had my ups and downs cleanliness-wise. There were times when I would be fastidious about it, but pretty soon I would lapse into lethargy and forgo a tidy workspace. Instead, I would find the cleanest corner, set up shop there and only discover a little later that it became yet another corner full of my crap. When it finally got too much, I would clean, all the while bemoaning the amount of tidying I had to do when it was actually my own fault. Duh.

Fast forward to the present moment and I’ve discovered how much a clear space helps me have a clear head in my work life and personal life. There is nothing better than having a tidy space to work at to help jumpstart my creativity and productivity. Personally, it’s far better than coffee, but that might be stretching it for some of you out there.

My current workspace consists of a small table, a chair and a shelf of stationery supplies on the right primarily for leisure activities. For work, I honestly don’t need much paraphernalia beyond my laptop and printer. I try not to keep much on my desk. A simple fake plant, my Traveler’s Company passport sized traveler’s notebook and a craft paper post-it pad which I bought from Daiso in Singapore. I use the traveler’s notebook to jot down various thoughts and at night, it migrates to my nightstand in case thoughts pop into my head while I’m in bed (it happens quite often actually).

Sometimes when I’m journaling or painting the desk becomes messy, but nowadays I endeavour to tidy up when I am done. As the saying goes: old habits die hard, but I am seriously putting to death my messiness on a daily basis. It is a never ending battle like most things contrary to our nature are. On my wall are some photographs of family and friends, postcards of my town as well as a quote on discipline, which is my personal theme for the year. I usually have a drink with me too which is usually a bottle of water or a cup of coffee or tea.

I like my space. Honestly, I would love a much larger table so I can sprawl things out, but that isn’t necessary here since I’ll be returning to Singapore within the year where my real gigantic table is. In the meantime though, it is more than sufficient for my purposes. As long as it is clutter free, that is.

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