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Tchau 2017 and hello 2018!

Jan 2, 2018 | lifestyle

Once again another year has flown by and a new one has arrived. Every time a new year begins, I get all excited thinking about the endless possibilities and the things that I want to promise myself I will do. But quite frankly, each time I’ve hopped on the resolution bandwagon, I fall off it quite early.

Do people make resolutions nowadays? Some still set goals, but others don’t. The truth is though, as I’ve come to realise, that without goals it’s very easy to float along life without changing anything for the better. Surely, we aren’t perfect… right? But at the same time I wonder what on earth will make me stay on this bucking bronco that threatens to toss me off any day of the year.

Maybe I should stop scarfing down the whole pie at one go and instead savour it a slice at a time. While I ponder this principle and how I can get it to work in my life (will update in 3 months on how I get on), I have resolved at the very least to be consistent in my planning and to see the items on my task list through instead of just procrastinating.

I used the Hobonichi Cousin Avec, Original and Weeks last year, but I found it so hard to keep up and as a result wasted a lot of pages in each notebook.┬áIt was really not worth it to be investing so much financially in stuff I didn’t use regularly (Hobonichis aren’t cheap by any means and tax in Europe added to that unfortunately).

So this year, I’ve migrated most of my planning and journaling to the Traveler’s Company series of notebooks, with the exception of the Midori MD Diary in A5 for daily devotions and reflections. I’m still working out the kinks as I go along, but hopefully I’ll be able to share more about how I plan at a later date when I am mostly satisfied with the system I’ve established.

I’m quite pleased to be moving into the new year since I’m looking forward to some major changes. However, there’s still loads of work to be done until then. Here’s to the new year! May it be better than the last!

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