Dealing with dry flaky skin in the winter.


It’s been a while since I wrote about anything beauty-related. I haven’t had time, money nor the inclination to try anything new and somehow I had fallen off the bandwagon of beauty blogging since, really… I am not one of those girls (nothing wrong with being a beauty addict of course). It just isn’t sustainable for me because I thoroughly enjoy going barefaced.

However, this winter has been particularly harsh with the cold weather and gale force winds that strip your face of any moisture. I’ve got combination skin that veers towards the oily side especially during the hotter months, so imagine my horror when my skin started flaking. It felt like I was practically moulting. Admittedly, I had been relatively inconsistent in the skincare department so that was probably my fault.

Enter two staples. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Facial Oil and Clinique Moisture Surge: Extended Thirst Relief. These are not the original bottles I purchased years ago. I tried them in the past, liked them, but decided to try something else. I purchased the facial oil some time back in Singapore and had been using it on and off. This time around though, I knew I also needed a tried and tested moisturiser to redeem my skin so I went to the local makeup store to get a tub of Moisture Surge.

I wasn’t disappointed in the least.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Facial Oil not only smells great, but also works amazingly well. I used to think that slathering oil on my skin would turn me into a greaseball, but I’ve discovered that to be the complete opposite. Due to the fast absorbing dry oil, my skin secretes less sebum and feels more equilibrated than if I were to go without it. It also feels extremely soothing. At times I use it in the day as well as at night. It also reduces the appearances of blemishes for me. How, I don’t quite know.

The Clinique Moisture Surge is a gel-cream that absorbs really quickly into your skin and provides loads of hydration. I don’t like heavy creams as it tends to make me break out and also, I don’t like feeling particularly greasy. This feels really lightweight and my skin feels bouncy and smooth afterwards. Considering how parched it has been lately, that’s quite a feat.

I know there are loads of other products that people swear by for dry skin, but these two have been favourites for a while and all things considered, are reasonably priced for how long they last. Do you have any skincare recommendations for the winter season?

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