Are we there yet? The myth of destination.

personal growth

All of us have been exposed to the concept of arrival early on in our lives. I remember asking my parents relentlessly back when I was a kid whether we’d arrived at our destination or not.

“Are we there yet?”

This happened countless of times. We always had the impression that everything would be perfect the moment we arrived. Ah finally! we’d say to ourselves. That holiday destination, that career position, that new bungalow house… if only! The problem is that pretty soon, we are either homesick, tired of all the work the new career position affords us or fed up of cleaning all those floors in our bungalow. We strive, only to reach where we wanted to be and then to feel dissatisfied all over again.

I used to live like that. I used to think that my life would be better if I had this new gadget or that trendy item, or if I lived a certain lifestyle (usually of the rich and famous). But no matter how much I had, or what I did, nothing quite satisfied.

Then it hit me.

It’s not just the destination that matters, but the journey. I began to ask myself: what do I need to do with my life to give me the most satisfaction and contentment? That I was actually doing something worthwhile in the limited number of years I have on earth? All of you know that I believe in God and I did turn to Him at this point with those questions. But even if you don’t, it’s a good question to ask yourself. I don’t want to be on my deathbed and realise that my life was full of material achievements but I did not end up accomplishing anything of eternal value.

I’ve discovered a great deal of joy and satisfaction when I help someone else to better their life in some way. Whether it is something simple like listening to their problems, offering more tangible help… or even giving counsel and advice. Things like that make me come alive. And in so doing, I don’t necessarily focus on my destination, but rather the people, experiences and various things I may encounter on my journey. Life has a more profound meaning. The Bible says give and you shall receive… it’s true. I never understood fully until this stage in my life. I have received so many intangible things because of giving. I’m not perfect and the road I am on is still filled with potholes and things to learn. Nonetheless I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given and treasure every single one of them.

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