Avocado toast.


I never used to like the taste of avocados. They were always too earthy and creamy for my liking, which was odd for a fruit (or is it a vegetable?). Then again, I used to really dislike sashimi, but now I eat all kinds of sashimi. Clearly, some tastes are acquired over extended exposure.

In my quest to eat healthily, I decided that I would try the humble avocado on toast one fine morning with a side of cherry tomatoes that I realised belatedly I had left in the fridge.

I didn’t research any recipes for this. Instead I added the juice of half a lemon (way too much if you ask me), salt and pepper and called it a day. It was alright (i.e. edible) but there’s something distinctly missing. Maybe there is actually a reason why I should look at recipes instead of just winging it like I usually do.

Definitely not a chef, but I’m really into the minimalist lifestyle right now and absolutely don’t wish to make food a complicated affair. I like to keep things simple because I really don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing a meal that will be polished off in less than half an hour. I’ve got a Pinterest board going of all my delicious simple recipes. Maybe I should try a few of them instead of just saving them on a board. I’ll keep you up to date on any adventurous food exploits in the coming months.

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