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Finding your passion in life.

personal growth

Everybody is passionate about something. Some are passionate about the creative arts while others are passionate about the sciences. There are some people who we feel are fortunate enough to have a job they are passionate about, while for others, it remains a hobby that they pursue during non-working hours. You might have stumbled upon your passion while you were young, or you might have yet to discover it. Regardless of what it is we are passionate about, passion drives our choices without fail, every single day.

On hindsight, I realise there hasn’t been one thing I’ve been passionate about consistently throughout my life at the level at which I would consider my feelings for it to be “passionate”, if you know what I mean. I’m not really an ambitious person and really don’t have the drive that many people seem to possess. I’m generally a go-with-the-flow kinda person. It used to make me wonder whether I was just plain lazy (maybe) or that I had yet to find something I would give 100% to with all guns blazing.

Over the years I’ve had tons of interests. Some of them have come and gone, others come round in circles, much like bell bottom pants. Photography, painting, teaching, graphic design, reading, Korean dramas, etc. It actually bewilders me with how much I wax and wane on different things. I struggled a lot with this part of myself until I realised that I just had to accept it. I am not an eagle that has a mouse in sight and relentlessly pursues it until it is caught. But rather, I am like the magpie that is easily distracted by shiny things.

So, with my magpie personality, I started to analyse my passions a little more deeply and finally realised that I have two main passions: learning and then sharing what I have learnt, whatever the platform. I really enjoy learning new things. I don’t read for reading’s sake. I do it to learn new skills or explore new concepts. I like exploring new places and discovering something fresh. I also love talking about them and sharing my knowledge (or at times lack thereof). Whether it’s faith, values, experiences, new trends and things I have stumbled upon. Like they say, sharing is caring.

Have you discovered what it is you’re passionate about? Is it something tangible like knitting or is it intangible? If you haven’t discovered it yet, think about where you spend your resources on (time, money, energy, etc) and what makes you the happiest when you’re doing it. Then, once you have discovered what it is, work towards making that your priority. Meanwhile, don’t forget to enjoy the process of discovery and growth!

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