Time out.

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It’s true that in busy Singapore we don’t get as many chances as we would like to relax and unwind. But I daresay that keeping sane in this country boils down to being intentional about relaxation.

Just this past Monday and Tuesday, I took some time out of my busy schedule (not as busy as a lot of you, I’m certain) to spend time with family at Aloha Changi. It’s a “resort” with 6 bungalow. I say “resort” because it has nothing by way of amenities. Just a large bungalow. Changi Village is just two bus stops down the road, so there’s no way you’d run out of food at any point. We chose to barbeque and keep things simple though!

I brought my Kindle which I loaded with a few good books and my Canon 700D. I didn’t spend much time taking photos since I was lounging around a whole bunch and catching many 40 winks throughout the day. It seems I desperately needed the rest.

This got me thinking. I need a physical time out as much as anybody. While I’ve been refreshed spiritually through the recent Week of Prayer & Fasting, physical rest is something that many of us neglect and as a result of that, we battle coughs, colds and a whole bunch of illnesses. Your immune system is compromised as a result of the lack of sleep. So lately, I’ve been trying to sleep early and that’s worked wonders for me in terms of mental alertness during the day and my overall health.

When was the last time you took time out to really chill and slow your pace down?

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