January 2014 favourites.

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At some point, I knew I was going to hop on this bandwagon. 😉

I’ve been toying with the idea of a favourites post for a while. If YouTubers do it in video and bloggers in blog posts, so why not I? It seems to be fairly popular for some reason and I certainly do enjoy watching / reading about what others have liked the past month.

Here are my favourite things this January!

1) Semi-Naked iPhone 5

No screen protector, no case. Just a sleeve. (I’m wild, but not that wild!) I must thank a friend for this. I had never fully appreciated the beauty of a bare iPhone until I saw hers. After using screen protectors and cases on every phone since they came into existence, I’ve never thought of going without them. But I have to say that the iPhone without any bells and whistles is the sleekest thing out there. And the experience is sweet indeed! Not without its danger though, so be warned!

2) Muji Large EVA Box Pouch

I received this as a Christmas gift last year from a dear friend and I’ve been using it ever since! My books tend to get dog-eared very easily when I carry them to and fro in the bottomless pit that is my bag. This helps to keep them nice and crisp! The worst thing is having my Bible crinkle at the edges. That goes for other books too. No more! You’ll notice I carry a whole stack of stickers as well, because I love decorating my agenda with happy cute images. I’m a kid like that.

3) Reading on my Kindle Paperwhite

I’m so glad I bought this when I did from Amazon Japan. It was relatively affordable considering the alternatives. I have both English and Japanese books on here (mostly English though). Thanks to this little gadget without the distracting apps (that another device like an iPad would have), I can read to my heart’s content without being distracted! My current read is

The Pursuit of God

by A.W. Tozer which is excellent and I’m also enjoying

Boundaries for Leaders

by Dr Henry Cloud. The best thing about Kindles is that you can read multiple books at a go and depending on your mood, you can change it up. Difficult if you read physical books. Not that I’ve given up reading physical books entirely. There’s still a lot of charm in that!

4) TWG Tea

Honestly, I had no idea that TWG was a Singapore-based business thing until I was curious enough to browse their website. I have to say though, that they have one of the best teas and while they aren’t cheap, they aren’t exhorbitant either and make for a nice occasional treat. They’re brilliant as gifts as well! My favourite has got to be the Paris Breakfast Tea. It’s light and fragrant – a perfect morning pick-me-up. But TWG Tea, you are perfect in every season, at any time of the day. I’m sipping my cup of Creme Caramel tea as I write this. Bliss.

5) Ego Liquorice Melon Seeds

Only one other person I know shares my unrivaled love for these snacks. Low in carbohydrates, with plenty of protein and good fat (I hope), these have been my go-to snack when I get a severe case of the munchies. You might think it takes a lot of hard work to get past the hard shell, but I’ve got it down to a fine art and can unshell these single-handed. With my teeth of course. I don’t have these only during Chinese New Year. Like TWG Tea, they’re for every possible moment of the day. And at less than $3 a pack, very cheap and cheerful!

6) Elevation Worship – Only King Forever

My favourite album of the month. I don’t tend to listen to a lot of Christian performance bands or artists, but I really do love listening to live worship music. It’s easy to get lost in worship just a few minutes after plugging those earbuds in. This was a new release mid-month, but I’ve been listening to it pretty much non-stop since it was released on Spotify. I have a premium account and it opened my entire world up to a whole bunch of music. If you really love music and want to listen to streams on the go with your mobile device, subscribe to premium. It’s well worth it at $9.90 a month.

7) Dior Lip Products

I just love my Dior Addict Lipsticks, Glosses and Voluptuous Lipcare. They’re really expensive for what they are, but such a luscious and luxurious treat! The one pictured is 643, Diablotine. It’s very sheer and leaves a lovely reddish-pink shimmer on the lips. Another one I really love is the Voluptuous Lipcare in 002, Crystal Pink. You can smother it on without a mirror and it’s really a “my lips but better” shade. It’s also super moisturising. They’re by far the best high-end lip products I’ve tried and I’ve tried quite a few brands!

That’s all for my January favourites! What have you been loving this past month?

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