Camping tips vol. 2. Ditch the gadgets.


You knew this was coming.

As someone who has camped out a number of times, I highly recommend ditching as many gadgets as possible when you pack. The number of gadgets you bring is indirectly proportional to the amount of enjoyment you’ll have. The less gadgets, the more enjoyment. Simple math.

I brought three gadgets, a trusty power bank (of course) and assorted cables. This is probably my minimalist set up if I’m doing anything remotely rugged outdoors.

// iPhone 5

I didn’t need to remain connected, but in case of emergencies, a mobile phone is good to have with you. I used it to take a few videos (one of sizzling bacon comes to mind), some photos and listen to music (mainly). I did respond to the odd text message.

// Canon IXUS 255HS

Thought I would use my compact for snapshots, but I didn’t. My iPhone was with me most of the time and I used that instead. If I had the Ricoh GR with me (soon!), I’d  favour it over the iPhone only because it has so much potential (snap focus anyone?). I’ll still bring a small camera wherever I go nonetheless.

// Kindle Paperwhite

All my books. In one device. I love this thing for the sheer convenience of having a ton of books in one gadget. I spent some awesome quiet time reading the Bible on it and also The Honor Key by Russell Evans.

One thing I missed was a portable speaker. Thankfully my camping buddies had one and lent it to me.

The most important thing though is to create time to spend time with your family and friends during a camping trip. Or your thoughts if you’re camping in solitude with the intention of “finding yourself”. You can’t do that if you have a gadget glued to your hand all the time! I thoroughly enjoyed the company I kept and the reading I caught up on. I loved it and would be glad to do this again. Any time.

So leave your toys at home. But don’t forget the bacon.

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