KL-SIAM Road Trip Day 8 // Leg rest + SIAMazing!

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Day 8 of our road trip in Bangkok had us resting our feet for most of the day. The walking we had done over the past few days in flip flops (!!) had taken its toll and they needed the break badly!

Thankfully, the hostel we stayed in was so pleasant, we thoroughly enjoyed our day indoors.

Siamaze Hostel is located approximately 5-7 minutes away on foot from Sutthisan MRT Station on Soi Ratchadapisek 17. Needless to say, it is accessible via train from the airport, although you will have to switch train lines. The hostel gave us ample information prior to our arrival, so we had little trouble finding the place.

The area around Sutthisan is a business district that is still developing. There is a 24 hour supermarket (MaxValu – yes, without the e) and McDonald’s at the corner of the Soi 17 and the main road. Those two establishments alone make Siamaze a prime location. At least there’s still food nearby on lazy days!

Location aside, the hostel itself is very well-equipped with various shared amenities, such as a dining / kitchenette area with alfresco seating, TV Lounge, washing machine and dryer. Cable TV is available as well as wifi.

Access to the rooms require that you tap your room key card to access the lift lobby. That’s pretty secure!

There are a total of 4 floors in the hostel, the 2nd to 4th floors being the dorms and individual rooms. The second floor is where the TV Lounge, dorms and their shared bathrooms, which includes the laundry area are. The floor plan of the hostel allows maximum number of rooms, all of which are probably rather spacious if we go by the room that we stayed in. As a result, the corridor is narrow and dark, even on the sunniest of days.

Despite the corridor being dark, the rooms are really bright and clean. It’s also furnished with a modern minimalist touch, something which I appreciate immensely. There is nothing worse than a room cluttered with decorations. I appreciate culture, but not in my sleeping space. Although we had seen photos of the rooms online, nothing quite prepared us for how large it was. You can fit another 3 people in it (on the floor) very comfortably!

The bathroom is spacious, with enough room to manoeuvre yourself around. A  shower curtain separates the wet shower area from the dry areas very successfully. Shampoo, shower gel and towels were provided in the room we stayed in. The sink is located just outside the bathroom with a huge mirror.

This room costs 880Baht per night which works out to be approximately S$35. Here are more photos of the room.

There is a little alcove to charge your gadgets and store other paraphernalia, an open closet and a safe. Do note that you’ll need to bring your own travel plug converters. We forgot that so we had to buy them from a bookstore in one of the larger malls.

Siamaze provides cable TV, with a number of enjoyable channels, such as Crime and Bio, both of which we enjoyed thoroughly. A simple breakfast of toast with condiments (butter, jam, tuna) and bananas is provided for every morning of your stay.

Overall, I enjoyed the time I spent there and would definitely choose to stay at Siamaze if I’m exploring the vicinity! Highly recommend!


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