KL-SIAM Road Trip Day 9 // Silom.

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The amazing thing about Bangkok is the juxtaposition that presents itself everywhere you go. This is Si Lom. It is where the office meets the street. It is also the only place where you’ll find street stalls outside Starbucks.

Si Lom is accessible via the Si Lom Station on the MRT line or Sala Daeng on the BTS Skytrain (read my post on train services in Bangkok). Its main street runs alongside the BTS Skytrain tracks. Together with the shops and buildings along the street, vehicles weaving in and out of traffic and pedestrians shopping during lunch time, it is a busy place.

There are lots of cooked food stalls along the alleyways and outside retail shops. I can’t attest to the quality of the street stalls as I avoided most of them except for the fish ball noodle soup stalls. I don’t think I’ve developed quite that iron stomach yet. The next time I’m there though, I shall throw caution to the wind.

There are plenty of stalls selling snacks too. Although I’m not sure stuffed pickled / salted fish is considered a snack. I didn’t see anyone selling fried insects though!

You can also do a decent amount of shopping as there are markets in some streets. There are trinkets, accessories and clothes even! Everywhere you turn! Lunch time shopping for the office folks at its best, with fairly competitive prices. Imagine being paid in SGD and shopping in Baht. OH MY WORD.

You can also get your pants hemmed by a tailor or shoes repaired by a cobbler. There aren’t as many of these as there are retail stalls though.

If you wish to travel to other locations, you can opt for the motorbike service instead of a taxi or Tuk Tuk. Just look out for these guys with numbered vests. Prices are also relatively cheaper.

We did spot a nice cafe or two with really modern decor. However, this really isn’t the place to visit if you want hipster culture.

This area of Bangkok is so popular that we chanced upon a Japanese film crew to filming a travel show. I always meet lots of Japanese people wherever I go, which is amazing in itself.

Si Lom is really an interesting area to visit if you want to experience some raw Bangkok city culture. You’ll find almost everything here. Well worth a visit for the atmosphere alone.


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