2015 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix.


Yaaaaaaaaas. Hello night racing on the Marina Bay circuit. Phwheet!

Truthfully, I’ve never understood the popularity of Formula 1. What’s the big deal about a bunch of cars racing at breakneck speed round a track? But having been there myself and having heard the rumbling of those engines as the cars sped by, I think I get it. The rush of adrenaline is palpable.

Mum and I were blessed with two grandstand tickets and all zone access today from a mutual friend. Although we had never desired to go, it was an unexpected little treat and we jumped at the chance. At this point I must stress that Mum was a lot less enthusiastic than I was.

Upon entering the circuit park past the pass (barcode) scanners and bag checks, you’ll see a huge expanse with a few small stalls selling exorbitantly priced food and merchandise. You’re not permitted to bring food into the park. A maximum volume of 600ml is allowed if you choose to bring a soft drink or water. We had some food before entering the park, so we were weren’t terribly hungry for most of the evening.

The majority of the food stalls here are expensive as they’re legitimately restaurants in their own right. We passed by Harry’s, Brewerkz, Peach Garden, Big O, etc. There’s tons of food to choose from if you don’t mind shelling out the cash and bucketloads of booze (should you so desire, but we didn’t – especially not at $13 per plastic cup of beer).

If you walk round to Singapore Flyer though, there’s a food court with local fare selling most food at a minimum of $5 a plate. I ordered a Kopi C Peng. Uncle forgot the “C”. It cost me $2.20 and was meh. I think I paid for the decor. We also managed to find a Subway joint.

But really, the main thing about heading to the Grand Prix is really this:

Mum got so sleepy while watching the Formula 1 Practice #1 while I enjoyed it thoroughly. That’s what I meant when I said I get why this is so popular. It’s a dangerous sport and really… who doesn’t enjoy a vicarious adrenaline rush? I have to admit that I said a little prayer for the drivers though!

It was tough taking photographs with my camera, since it only zoomed so far and the cars were going blindingly fast. I’ve yet to get the hang of the controls on this thing. I no longer have any big guns like these guys. Scratch that… I’ve never had telephoto lenses that large.

We did a lot of walking. The circuit park is huge. Traffic control was good and the ushers were helpful. It was a very pleasant experience. The only thing is: I wish I caught more of the musical acts that were playing all over. I did manage to catch one (no photo I’m afraid), but that was it. Pharrell Williams was playing tonight, but on account of my poor mother who had exhausted herself walking pretty much the entire circuit with me, we decided to leave before his performance started. We really wanted to rock out to Maroon 5 or Bon Jovi, but alas, their performances was slated for Saturday and Sunday night. It’s not my life. Boohoo.

Would I pay for the same ticket? No. The price is INSANE. Would I consider going again with a walkabout ticket? Probably. I would definitely look into attending more festivals and the like though. I really enjoyed the atmosphere. I think I’ve stumbled upon something awesome.

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