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Almost pickpocketed in Lisbon. #storytime

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Lisbon, you’re so beautiful. But in the little tourist streets of Santa Apolónia, you are one shady lady.

There is a little backstory to this. In fact, it boils down to my misguided sense of exploration and almost complete obliviousness. At loose ends yesterday, I decided (on a whim), to explore the district of Santa Apolónia as I had never been there except to hop on different train lines. As I was distracted by the huge crowds of tourists and two guys on segways, a couple behind me decided to unzip my backpack which was on my back. Yeah, it shouldn’t have been on my back.

Thankfully, I felt it and turned around right away.

Yes, I caught them redhanded but didn’t quite react as I should have. Instead of just glaring at them, I should have yelled “THIEVES!”. My bag was literally open wide when I swung it around hastily to check the contents. Thank God nothing was missing! I can only say that it must’ve been God that made me whip around like that. I can be pretty oblivious to my surroundings.

But really, the cheek of those two! You’d think that in the middle of broad daylight with people milling about, they would’ve thought twice. Instead, they used the crowd and their proximity to me to shield their actions from the view of others. I was fuming mad for a good while afterwards. An attempted pickpocketing is something I never want to experience again. To some extent, I felt like my privacy was violated. And naturally, my sense of goodwill towards the people here suffered a blow. Nonetheless, not everyone here is a bad egg and I shouldn’t generalise should I?

So now, instead of being so dumb and trusting (baa baa), I’ve grown a bit wiser. I forgot the warnings I heard previously regarding Tram 28 and so on. Oh but now… I WILL NEVER FORGET THEM. Be warned folks. Stay alert in Europe. Beautiful places to explore and awesome people you can meet, but don’t be that blur tourist.

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