Cascais, Portugal


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Even now, I still can’t believe it took me this long to discover the glorious beaches along the coast of Portugal not far from Lisbon. Where have I been??? And then there is the gorgeous quaint little town of Cascais that has somehow stolen my heart. I’m a beach lover by nature and this place is my version of paradise. Unfortunately, it was a short day trip but given the chance, I’d like to visit again.

The train ride from Lisbon’s Cais do Sodré station took approximately 40 minutes and was extremely pleasant indeed as the train route hugs the coastline almost all the way to the final station in the Cascais line. There are plenty of stations along the way where people alight to head to the various beaches along the coast.

Cascais really feels like the European version of LA, with all the palm trees lining the roads. This town has such a clean, chill vibe. It’s apparently home to the upperclass as real estate is fairly expensive and the atmosphere certain reflects that. It feels like a gigantic resort and full of tourists (and locals) of all ages.

There are plenty of attractions nearby, the most notable being Boca do Inferno, which means “Hell’s Mouth” in Portuguese. It’s essentially a chasm located in the seaside cliffs near Cascais that’s within reasonable walking distance. The walk begins along the coastline beyond the marina and when the sun is up, the breeze blowing, it feels absolutely fantastic. I wish I had more time in Cascais, but I was with someone else, so it was a little challenging to take my time with photography while enjoying doing essentially nothing. Definitely somewhere I’d visit again.

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