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Latest blog posts.


My non-relationship with exercise.

If you’ve been around these parts long enough, you’d know that one of the banes of my life is exercise. I should do it to be healthy, but I don’t. I’ve tried all sorts of things – jogging, lifting light weights, home exercises, tennis… but none of them lasted long.

Magical Madrid.

Two things about Madrid stand out to me: how bright and clean it is and also how different the architecture looks compared to Portugal. To be honest, I thought that there wouldn't be much difference between the buildings of the two countries but I was very surprised...

Dealing with the scorching sun.

Europe has been experiencing a heatwave this summer and Portugal is no different. We've had days where temperatures reach the mid-40s (Celsius) but regardless of how hot it is, the sun is always extremely bright. I'm not exactly sure what the reason is, but compared...


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